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after the blizzard

our house the day after the blizzard

the morning after

As per the news yesterday, I worked from home today. That actually meant I got less time outside that I would have otherwise, since I missed 20 miles of cycling... but I didn't spend the whole day slaving in front of the computer. In the morning I shoveled out the chickens' run and put down some new straw so they could emerge from their henhouse for the first time in 40 hours or so. Then in the afternoon Harvey, Zion and I headed out for some non-blizzardy snow fun!

Zion and Harvey atop a giant pile of snow in front of our porch

how far can they see from up there?

There's lots of snow to have fun in. Remember my big snowman?

my big snowman, buried one ball deep in snow

looking smaller

Naturally, we made a snow cave or two. The snow is so light and fluffy the excavating was a snap.

Zion and Harvey smiling in a snow cave

"can we live in here?"

In fact, it's so light and fluffy I had some concern about the whole thing collapsing and trapping the boys; certainly when I tried to climb any of the piles I sank right in up to my waist. Even the plowed up piles can't support my weight at all, which is pretty remarkable: I don't know when I've ever experienced such light, dry snow before. Leah commented on how white it is with hardly any moisture; no blue in it at all.

To the kids that just means that their snow fights involved only fistfulls of powder.

Harvey and Zion having a snow fight with friends atop the tree house platform

not snowBALLS, exactly...

And to Rascal it means that he can't walk anywhere without sinking in up to his stomach. When he gets really excited he can bound around the yard, but mostly he wants to stick to the paths others have made before him. Not that that's too much of a hardship: with the sunny day the kids made lots of paths, and tomorrow will doubtless see lots more!

Rascal standing in a trodden path in the backyard

a traveller of the narrow way

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