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foooooood reprised (plus art)

So this having a parent visiting is a good deal! Today for lunch we went to Swingers, a diner-esque place on Broadway that I've walked past lots of times and looked at with interest. It was quite good: a pretend diner, updated for the hip modern crowd. Leah had a vegan club, which is something you can't get at your average truck stop I'm sure. The place is within easy walking distance, so I'm sure they haven't seen the last of us (I plan on going for the early bird special: two pancakes, two eggs and sausage for only $3.75! Every weekday until 10:00!).

After that (and after we came home for a bit to recover) we went over to the Getty Museum, and it was as nice as ever. We only looked at two little exhibits, and then spent the rest of the visit looking at the gardens. I took about a million pictures and Leah took a few more, so I'm sure you'll see some of them online at some point. Coming down from the museum on the tram (cause you have to take a tram up to that crazy old place, city on a hill, from where you park) we saw that the 405 was about completely stopped up, so we whipped out the map and noticed that we could just take Sepulveda to Wilshire and bypass the freeways altogether, which we did. And it was good. Also it made us realize how close we live to that museum, so it too will no doubt be seeing more of our custom. Specially since it's free, which is always a plus in my book.

Now Leah and pre are taking in a movie, Miracle, but I'm weak and lazy so I stayed home. Also she needed some father time and I needed some tv/internet/relaxing time, so it all worked out. Hopefully they won't stay out too late though, cause both she and I have been dying from tiredness lately. Also it's my turn to read to her, and I want to get a big chunk of that book put away!

I'm working on some pictures for the site, and the page looks really nice as it is (if I do say so myself) but the set of pictures is kind of a downer, and maybe doesn't do justice to its subject matter (our fine town here). So Ima see if I can take a few more good shots tomorrow, like maybe one of the sunset over the water to finish things off. Then, finally, you will be able to see some pictures. It's about time!

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