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just some more snow

our house with lots of snow in front of it and lots of icicles on the eves


Another week, another blizzard. I thought I'd become inured to the tremendous amount of snow we have around here and another foot or so wouldn't make much of a difference, but I actually laughed out loud when I first went outside after the snow stopped: it turns out that a foot of blowy snow on top of several feet on the ground actually makes a very big difference indeed. I've never seen so much snow. Here, for example, is our fence:

the tips our front fence's posts sticking out of the snow

a four-foot fence

It almost got covered in the last little-ish storm, then melted out a bit, but now it's seriously gone. Good thing the snow is the fluffiest powder, or else Rascal would just walk out of here! As it is he can't hardly walk at all: I threw a stick for him this morning and going to get it he entirely disappeared under the snow, like he'd fallen in water. That's a first. So he's not totally a fan of the conditions.

Neither are the boys, actually, but I forced them out when I saw our neighbors out sledding on the pile the plow made at the end of the street. Harvey came along first, and was soon part of a pretty good scene.

the neighborhood kids sledding on a plow pile

hill close to home

Snow is just the thing to get neighbors together. Besides taking my fair share of sled runs (and then jumps off the back of the pile into the deep powder, when we moved to that). As I shoveled I also chatted with more restrained (or dutiful) neighbors about the joys of dealing with so much snow. Harvey played and played.

Harvey launching on the big toboggan

carefully now

Eventually Mama came out with the smaller boy and the baby, and they had their own enjoyable time. Mama and Lijah watched the fun for a while, then after they went in Zion stayed out for a good while playing with the bigger kids. It was a good afternoon.

Zion, Mama, and Elijah out in the snow

snow family

Pictures don't really do justice to the scope of this snow event. It's pretty silly looking. The back of the house is especially ridiculous, but it was too dark to photograph well by the time I got back there with the camera. Maybe tomorrow I'll get some good shots. Unless you're all tired of snow already?

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