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training, fewer wheels

Harvey riding his bike towards the camera--no training wheels!

two-wheeled sensation

Harvey doesn't like being bad at things. Rather than trying and failing like most people, he just waits until he's really ready, and then hits the ground running. Or, in this case, rolling. Yes, he taught himself how to ride a two-wheeler in one day.

Before we were buried in snow earlier this winter we'd made some half-hearted attempts at practicing without training wheels—you know, with the holding the back of the seat and running alongside—all quickly aborted when Harvey rejected my every attempt at correcting his technique. Naturally enough, I might add; I'm just the same way.

Then yesterday, beautifully warm, the boys were out riding around with the neighbor kids and he asked me to take off his training wheels. I was busy pruning apple trees so I tried to put him off—I didn't want to get involved in the emotional conflict I thought would be the inevitable result. But when he kept asking I finally agreed to do it, if he went and got the wrench. Which he did with alacrity.

Once two-wheeled he asked if he could just sit on the seat and push the bike with his feet for a bit, and I agreed that was the best way to proceed. Which he did for about two minutes, then the next thing I knew he was getting his feet on the pedals for a good five seconds at a time! And then we had to go in. Today was much cooler, but he was eager to get back to practicing... at least as long as I was out there riding with him. Which was fine with me! Before long he was racing around like he'd been doing it for years, so I got out the camera to take some video.

Of course, with me as a cycling model he wasn't content to stick around home for long. Once he showed me that he could brake under control and turn around in the width of the street, we took to the sidewalks of the wider world for some more practice. I was so impressed with how well he navigated the range of obstacles: we both laughed when he crashed into that telephone pole, sure, but he also negotiated street crossings and sharp turns like a pro. Just think how far he'll go this summer!

Is it ok to feel a little bit proud?

Harvey riding away from the camera

away he goes


it is

Wow! Harvey, you are great! Maybe Ollie will get some of your inspiration! Love it.

Harvey's already thinking ahead to biking in summer camp this summer... not that we have to wait anything like that long to bike with you guys!

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