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Sweatshop free printing?

If you haven't heard from us in a couple of days, it's because we've been slaving away in a hot steamy attic, pain-stakingly folding and cutting and stuffing wedding invitations, bleary-eyed and stripped down to our underwear, sweating and panting and turning dizzy, just so that we can send you, our estimed friends, a beautiful hand-made wedding invite. So stop bitching at us already.

We've got a lot done so far, despite the heat wave which has threatened to do both of us in considering our weakened conditions. A good portion of the invitations went into the Postman's hands today, in fact. However, if you do not get an invitation in the next week, Please Do Not Freak Out! Please do not call us and ask where your invitation is. Please do not call our parents and ask if we are lazy goodfornothings who cannot get out your invitation on time. Please be patient, and know that we are sending out some today, and some tomorrow, and some in a week maybe, and some maybe after that even, because IT TAKES A LONG TIME TO MAKE THESE THINGS so CHILL OUT!!!

It wouldn't be so bad if work and everything else weren't also so out of control right now. On Monday, which is traditionally my day off on account of working all day saturday, I spent the day driving down to Connecticut to look at a new Point-of-Sales program for the store. Needless to say, the "morning" meeting went well into the afternoon, and At 4pm when i finally got home, i went straight to the computer to take a 3-hour GMAT practice test. They say try the best you can to recreate the conditions of the actual test, but i doubt the test taking facility will be 90 degrees inside and allow me to sit in the exam wearing a thin tank top and boy-cut underwear. Anyway, immediately after i finished the exam my computer crashed, never to start up again, ever. And then i passed out from heat exhaustion.

So wedding guests and blog readers alike, please cut us some slack. We're working on it. We're working hard. So stop nagging already.

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