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holy week

the wooden cross at the front of the church, draped with purple

Good Friday cross

We haven't had much time to think about writing this week. The warmer weather means that we need to spend all the time outside, and then this time of year there's also a lot of good church to do.

Zion at the table set for our Maundy Thursday supper

passover, christian-style

Yesterday we ran a Maundy Thursday service for families. Not too many people ended up being able to come, but everyone who did had a fun time.

me washing Harvey's feet at church, with other kids looking on

he's part of what we're doing

Then this evening we went to the Good Friday service.

a view of the crowd, from the front of the sanctuary

before we got started

7:00 to 8:00 pm is a tough time for the boys, but they did great.

Lijah peeking over Mama's leg during the service

they all stayed awake, for one hour

And our church being the way it is, there was plenty of interactivity to keep their interest.

paper shapes floating in a tin basin of water

joys floating in sorrow

Passover tomorrow with the Jewish grandparents, then we're all set for Easter!

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