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suddenly beach

the three boys digging in the sand with water behind them

beach boys

It got really hot all of a sudden, so this afternoon we went to the beach.

Harvey and Zion running out of the water


The air said summer but the water said early spring, so the grownups didn't do too much swimming. Harvey was happy to play in the water lots, though. Elijah, in his first trip to the beach as a sentient being, was also a big fan. He wore the same swimsuit his brothers did for their own first pond adventures.

Elijah sitting at the edge of the water in his swimsuit

following in the footsteps

(Here they are for comparison. Zion:

Zion sitting in the water of Walden Pond

I think he likes it

And Harvey:

Harvey in the waters of Walden Pond

ooh, that's chilly!

Lijah was smiling in most of the pictures, but I picked the one that most matched the others!)

Zion celebrated his birthday by getting sick, but even though he threw up a couple times in the morning we couldn't keep him away from the first beach trip—on his birthday no less—so he came along. He was pretty whiny at first but revived in the cold water, as pictured above; and as his energy ran down amused himself by making a sand castle.

Zion sitting next to his sand castle

working through it

Lijah was charmingly independent almost the whole time; he loved the water, he loved the sand, he loved the shovel he got to hold. Totally content!

Lijah playing on the beach, far away

independent enjoyment

Of course, I couldn't stay that far away from such cuteness for very long!

Lijah smiling at the camera

he likes it here

As we tried to get his swimsuit off he let us know loudly that he liked the beach and didn't want to leave; here's to lots more beach days to come!

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