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sun day

Today was the hottest day since I've been here, and didn't we enjoy it. We skipped church cause Leah's dad had to leave at around noon and we wanted to spend some more time with him (Leah had told him we might go, but I said that I'd been to two services enough Sundays that we had some saved up). So instead we went downtown and shopped some at Leah's store (she bought all the things: shorts and a towel for her dad and some socks for me, since I seem to have left most of mine at home), and then we walked down to the cliff and looked at the ocean, and then it was time to head to the airport.

After lunch (and a bit of much-needed vegitative relaxing) we went down to the beach for some skating/biking. Now, earlier when we had been marvelling at how nice a day it was, I said that California people don't appreciate what they got, but when I saw how many people were on the beach and on the bike path I had to take that back, cause it was a madhouse. Worst was the people who were heading towards the beach and stepped out into the path without so much as a look in either direction: it's amazing there aren't more serious accidents. Despite the human obstacle course we had a good time, but we were both kind of worried about... getting sunburned. New England, what do you think of that?

And the chaos wasn't limited to the beach, neither. The Promenade was insane, and so were the streets: I left Leah the bike and took the car home to save a couple bucks on parking, and yikes was it crazy getting out of the lot and turning left onto Broadway. They tell us there are more cars than people in this state, and I believe it; in fact, I think that some people might have more than one car on the road at a time, controlling the second one by remote control or something. Yikes. To do my part to end the insanity, I vow never to drive on Sunday afternoon again. Unless I have like a dentist appointment or something...

I have to write so much here cause Leah is busy as anything. Having her dad was good fun but we didn't get much time to relax, and now today she's working til close (and then a couple hours after that for various reasons), and then she's going to be doing some training this week too. So we hope she survives.

I'm working on a mech drawing that I'm going to send to Peter. It's fun to be drawing again. Still nothing useful though. I think I'll post the Santa Monica pictures anyways, and then add to the set if I get more good shots. Yeah.

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