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obligitory fall outing

We had friends over to join us for schooling this morning, and Leah treated us to a lesson on Rosh Hoshana. The accompanying snack of apples and honey was just the thing, since we have plenty of apples around!

three half-bushel bags full of apples

only some of those are ours

We got most of them on Saturday, when we headed up to the farm to celebrate Eliot's birthday. He and Zion had such a great time together that I didn't get any pictures of them; Harvey and Ollie are slowing down in their old age.

Harvey and Ollie waiting for the hayride to start

tractor hayride

The hayride was lovely, but everyone was ready for it to be over so they could get their teeth on some apples!

Lijah holding an apple and water bottle and looking cute under an apple tree

"appa tee" shade

We were allowed to taste one apple, according to the rules, but rules are made to be bent... especially when we did more than our share of helping the farm's bottom line by filling much of our half-bushel with drop apples. And how can you know what to pick if you don't taste?!

Harvey eating one apple, another waiting in his other hand

taste testing

Our friends had to listen to my laments about the lost romance of the old-fashioned orchards, which have given way to pollarded rows of trees about the same dimensions as the high-bush blueberries at the same farm. And the fact that the whole thing was marketed to the casual outing crowd; it used to be about the apples, man! Of course, not even we could resist an opportunity for a family photo to commemorate the day.

all five us us sitting for a portait in front of a row of apple trees

family portrait, with apples

Of course, while apples are good—who doesn't like apples?!—Lijah knows the real reason for a trip to the farm.

Lijah feeding a goat one pellet of feed

he's getting better at this

Happy birthday Eliot, and thanks for giving us a push to get out there to celebrate the (almost) start of fall!

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