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fall has been welcomed

Leah singing with her dad, lit by the Christmas lights

a sparkling evening

The party was wonderful yesterday evening, and we felt so blessed to be joined by so many awesome people.

folks chatting and kids running around before it got dark

early activity

Between the food, the bounce house, and the soccer equipment the kids had plenty to do, and they formed a wild pack in the back part of the yard. There was lots of music provided by both Grandpas and Katie Jones... and Leah and Harvey did their part too!

Mama, Lijah, and Harvey singing--with Grandpa D's piano

family sing

Lots of food too; that'll have to be represented photographically by some of the 56 hot dogs I grilled.

hot dogs on the grill

cooking over the wood fire

All together it was a great atmosphere under the lights and around the fire. Just the way to ring in the fall.

conversations under the strings of lights

party atmosphere

Only it seems like a shame to take the lights down already, as pretty as they are. And we have lots of beer left... anyone want to come over tomorrow night?

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