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late September

How many days do you start out in winter hats and end up with a swim in the pond? Yay for September.

Harvey in the nearly empty waters of Walden pond

fall swimming

It really was cold this morning. 34, according to the weather ap on my phone—though all the plants were fine, so it can't have been that cold for long. But we did dig into the closet to get ready for the drive to church.

the boys in their car seats wearing winter hats

and with the heat on

But by early afternoon it was pleasant, or even hot, so the pond seemed like the place to be. Even when inertia kept us home until 4:00, we were still ready for some time in the water. A little time.

Zion and Julen playing in the sand by the water

out of the water

It was great being at the pond with no ropes and not many people. Harvey and I had plenty of space to splash and play in the water, and Zion had room to roam on the shore.

Zion pushing the big toy truck accross the sand

a long way to go

It was the place to be for two lovely hours. Fall? So far so good.

Harvey standing in front of the pond and the late-afternoon sun

late September

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