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first snow

Zion and Harvey running outside in the predawn light, seen through the door

wasting no time

With snow in the forecast—snow to be followed by rain—Harvey and Zion were primed to get out there and enjoy it first thing. And they did, before the sun even rose. After a little delay to sort out equipment, Lijah and I joined them. How we rejoiced!

Lijah, Zion, and Harvey posing in the snow


Lijah isn't a fan of new clothes, or indeed clothes in general, but once I persuaded him to put on his boots and coat he was quite happy to be outside with his brothers.

Lijah looking fairly cheery in the snow in his new coat

this isn't so bad

We played in the street, in the yard, in the woods on the platforms, and on the street again. We even took a walk in the woods (with Lijah in the backpack). It was delightful, though by the time we got home it was pretty much raining and I was glad to get inside (Harvey and Zion stayed out another half an hour to do some shoveling and assorted activities).

We didn't get a lot of snow, really, but at this stage in the season we'll take what we can get. When the plow came by the boys rushed outside to play on the pile it made at the end of the street—probably remembering last year, when we brought our sleds out there. It's not quite as impressive this morning.

Zion atop the plow pile, which is all of ten inches high

king of the... mountain?

Still and all, they were happy to jump off of it, which just goes to show the magic of snow. Here's hoping for lots more!

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