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moments from the week

the chicken coop and house through the icy morning mist

peaceful winter farm

Scenes and moments from the past week. We do more things than we have time to write about; photos help us remember it all!

Harvey and Zion's gingerbread houses on the coffee table alongside leftover crackers

after the Christmas party

Lijah's booted feet in the snow

first time standing in snow

the boys' three coats hanging in the bathroom after the wet snow

wet aftermath

Zion in his new snowsuit sliding down the porch steps on his butt

slippery steps

closeup of ice around a little branch of the wisteria

ice ornament

the boys painting at the kitchen table; lots of papers covered already

industrious with the Christmas paint sets

Lijah in winter gear and silly leg warmers in the bike seat

New Year's Day ride

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