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job satisfaction?

Working in the public schools has a lot to say for it. I really enjoy getting to spend time with a diverse population of kids, and even though I'm often not a fan of the big-picture pedagogical model—and lots of the implementation too—it's nevertheless always a thrill to do the actual teaching and see the kids making progress. But still: it's kind of a struggle. Very rarely while teaching have I felt... let's say "comfortable". Not lazy and complacent, but relaxed and energized and excited about doing real work. I always would have rather been at home.

But due to various changes in our schedule, both Leah and I find ourselves working in jobs that are, so far at least, actually that kind of rewarding. And it leaves us spending some serious time out of the house.

Serious time for us, at least; I suppose normal folks consider nine-hour work days—that's nine hours counting commuting time—to be pretty commonplace. But finding myself engrossed in a delightful, meaningful task this afternoon I stuck around in Cambridge until almost 4:30 to finish it up. And Leah didn't leave work until after 5:00 yesterday (good thing I had it all under control).

Lijah still isn't sleeping, but with the holiday craziness out of the way we're starting to find a reasonable schedule and the sanity that comes with it. The house is getting cleaned regularly, the kids are getting fun outings, and Leah and even have some time to talk with each other (ok, so that's only when we're doing the dishes—but it's something!). And there's time for work, too... who would have thought?!

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