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moments from the week

Harvey and Zion on the front porch, lying in a box sharing a comic book

at 18 degrees farenheit

Scenes and moments from the past week. We do more things than we have time to write about; photos help us remember it all! They don't even have to be good ones.

the boys climbing a tree on the Concord Riverbank

Concord River

Zion (in his winter coat) and Harvey (not) keeping warm by a fire in the grill

beating the cold

the yard after an overnight fall of snow

wintery morning

Harvey, Zion, and Rascal on the frozen tundra by the edge of the airport

homeschool coop explorers 1

Harvey, Zion, Hendrick, and Eliza climbing a fallen tree above a frozen stream

homeschool coop explorers 2

Zion by the tree in the middle of the yard, with extra climbing limb and swinging rope

our winter playground

the three boys on the road bridge looking down on the rain-swollen brook

watching the brook

at a restaurant, Harvey and Zion with eyes on the TV

watching the football

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