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taking GMATters into my own hands

If you live in Massachusetts and don't live under a rock, you already know that i am taking the GMAT Graduate Management test on July 18th (apparently the strong roofs of rock houses block out most of the loud screaming i generate while studying). So if you have anything important to say to me INCLUDING something being on fire, please out of courtesy wait until after the 18th to trouble me.

[GMAT gramatical mistakes made in that last paragraph: "GMAT Graduate Management test" this is redundant and will be wrong as an answer choice because don't repeat yourself don't be redundant don't repeat yourself, stupid. "being on fire" is wrong because the word being is always wrong as it is seen by the GMAT authors as being wrong.]

So i am preoccupied with studying, and will not be posting on this site and if you can't handle that WELL I'M JUST TRYING TO GET INTO BUSINESS SCHOOL SO THAT I CAN MAKE MORE MONEY FOR YOUR OWN SAKE AND FOR THE SAKE OF THIS FAMILY, SO LEAVE ME ALONE! The business school program to which i am applying has an average GMAT score of 640, considered to be quite difficult to obtain.

["considered to be" the actual English idiom is consider [nothing] wherein there is no preposition or prepositional phrase between consider and the modifier. ex: a score of 640 is considered quite difficult, if not impossible to obtain, especially for a loser like you, leah.]

Also we're like having a wedding or something, for which i have to do some stuff this week. Luckily, Dan is helping, and all this will be over soon. Man, if i had a nickle for everytime a boy told me that.... i'll be rich!

[ "i WOULD be rich. Subjunctive.]

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