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moments from the week

our snowcovered house and yard in the early morning light

winter wonderland, eventually

Scenes and moments from the past week. We do more things than we have time to write about; photos help us remember it all!

Harvey on his bike with his pant legs rolled up

back in the saddle in late January

Lijah sitting on a bench at the top of Arlington Heights

breezy at the top of the Heights

Zion zipping towards the camera on his scooter

Zion zoom

Harvey and Zion, in short sleeves, playing soccer in the snow-free yard

winter soccer

the three boys standing around under the half-pipe ramp at the skate park

why aren't you kids in school?!

Harvey and Zion climbing on some rocky outcropping in the woods

exploring a new woods

Harvey in his snow gear, including a muffler totally covering his face

he swears he can see

the boys posing with their snowman

do you wanna build a snowman?

Zion in midair, jumping off the trash can into the snow

jumping for joy

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