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sometimes Lijah loves snow

It snowed some more today, and this time the snow came with cold cold air and cruel gusty winds, so after we made it home from an early-morning doctors appointment downtown we didn't venture out again. But the boys are looking forward to experiencing some snow fun tomorrow; and looking through my phone photos this afternoon I realized I neglected to include in our weekly retrospective a vital piece of documentary evidence showing that Lijah, too, is dedicated to enjoying the wonders of the season.

Lijah walking in the snow in a short sleeve shirt and Zion's sneakers

fully experiencing the storm

The picture is from Friday morning at the beginning of the storm. Thursday night it was above freezing all night, and even as the snow started it wasn't that cold out—so when Lijah expressed a desire for "ow-siye?" I thought it wouldn't hurt to humor him. Even when he declined his coat and put Zion's sneakers on his feet. Hey, I figured he'd put his nose out the door, get cold, and come right back in! Not a bit.

at the bottom of the porch steps

there he goes...

I like cold and snow more than most, but my enjoyment is predicated on proper attire, and following him I was cold and wet in my long-sleeve shirt—and before very long I removed his freedom of choice and hauled him back inside (for the record, he didn't protest much).

So take this as evidence of something. Maybe it's that, never mind other evidence to the contrary, being cold and wet doesn't bother our third child. Or maybe just that he's the most determined being you may ever meet.

(As a point of comparison, I repost below the photo of Harvey from a few hours later in the same day. Admittedly, it was colder then too. But still!)

Harvey in his snow gear, including a muffler totally covering his face

he swears he can see

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