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monkey days

We don't know why Lijah decided he wanted to wear a monkey costume all the time for two weeks—but then, we're really not sure why he decides anything at all. We just accept that he is a boy of strong opinions. Occasionally they are very cute.

monkey-suited Lijah playing with Hot-Wheels cars

car-themed birthday monkey

(That was at a five-year-old birthday party, where to my knowledge no one questioned his choice of outfit.)

He's pretty cute all the time, and the costume increases the effect—especially the tail. The tail is my favorite.

Lijah's tail poking out from under his winter coat

he couldn't wear overalls

Sadly, at some point yesterday the monkey suit had to go through the wash (due to ice cream) and though it's clean now he hasn't asked to put it back on. Even though we may have suggested it. So the monkey days may be over—though we'll always have the memories, and lots of pictures.

monkey lijah walking down a city street with mama

just a monkey walking down the street like it's no thing

What will the next Lijah fad be?

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