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moments from the week

Harvey, Zion, and Taya planting onion seeds at the kitchen table

farm-school seeding

Scenes and moments from the past week. We do more things than we have time to write about; photos help us remember it all!

Lijah in the chicken coop in his monkey suit

monkey farmer

Zion going headfirst into the blue bike

he can get in it himself

Harvey measuring a two-by-three on the chop saw

measuring help

the boys on the couch: harvey reading, zion under a blanket, lijah with a sword

first thing in the morning

Zion sitting on the edge of the half-pipe ramp

skater boy

clothes hanging on the line

sunny enough

Zion standing on a precarious pile of junk, reaching for a toy in the messy basement

fetching a basement toy

the three boys looking at a TV in the cafe part of the grovcery store

supermarket distraction

the three boys offering a tray of delicacies from their outdoor restaurant

delicacies from the "B. L. D. Restront"

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