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maybe a bad choice

The weather was beautifully springlike this morning (I still think it means the world is ending) and the forecast rain was nowhere to be seen. But. I had mentioned to the boys that we might go to the indoor play space for our day's outing—that we were going—and having planted the seed in their minds there was no turning back. So we spent the morning inside, while the warm breezes wafted gently on the other side of the glass wall looking out at the parking lot.

Zion playing with fireman toys

toys we don't have at home

To bring my bad decision into even starker focus, a friend who I had invited to join us texted me back that they were spending the morning at Drumlin Farm. Drumlin Farm, where we once again are members and so could visit for no additional cost. But since we hadn't been members for so long I forgot about it—and plus, I thought it was going to rain. I should have paid more attention to the forecast.

On the other had, rather than running around like maniacs all three boys spent much of the time holed up in separate corners of the space with different toys, so it may well be that they needed some quiet time, and a farm visit would have been a disaster. And Harvey mastered descending the firepole and put in some good work on the monkey bars (he can almost get to the second bar). And I got to observe the other families that thought it would be a good idea to go to and indoor play space on a sunny, 55°F late-February day.

This particular venue is designed for kids under six, so we've only got another three and a half months to enjoy it all together. We have one more free entry on our pre-paid card; we're saving it for a real rainy day.

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