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Lijah in the great outdoors

The moments I posted yesterday could have easily included many more delightful photos of Lijah enjoying the summer weather, because he sure did! Friday evening he had a nice time in and out of the wading pool and hanging with some fun people.

Lijah rocking a baby on the bouncy seat

comfortable with his friends

At Julen's house he got to join with the big(ger) boys in their squirt gun battle. Julen's dad is a good sport, not like Lijah's.

Lijah, Zion, and Julen squirt-gunning Samuel

not a fair fight

And of course, when we're spending all day outside we can't go in to cook dinners, so plenty of hot dogs for those who like that sort of thing. Though actually, Lijah is off hot dogs these days—maybe he ate enough last summer to last him a couple years—and onto buns. Sometimes they double as telecommunication devices.

Lijah holding a hot dog bun like it's a telephone

"anybody there?"

And then there are several photos that I'd love to caption, "Guess what? Chicken butt!". Except we've already reached our quota of naked pictures for this month. Stay tuned: June is just around the corner!

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