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charity ride begging post

We're doing this PMC Kids Ride thing again and we need your support! We had intentions of starting our fund-raising earlier this year than we did last time, but as with so many of our plans these days we never got beyond the thinking stage. But it's not too late—there's still almost a week for you to donate to the cause. Act now and be the *ahem* first one to make a pledge!

our family cycling in the woods

Team Archibald on the move (last year)

We're going to totally rock it, by the way. Harvey has a new bike that fits him; Zion is going to be riding a full half-mile; both Leah and I are volunteering so we'll get shirts too. It'll be awesome, and you totally want to be part of it by donating money. Plus it'll go towards helping to stop cancer or something, which is good too.

Here's that phone number pledge link again. Don't delay; pledge today!

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