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a day in June

Summer is a busy time of year—there's enough chores and amusements to fill every waking hour. But every once and a while we manage to have a day to just kick back and relax.

Harvey eating an orange popsicle

summer treat

Well, relatively; today I still had to manage a lot of production around a couple church services—the bigger boys and I were on the church campus from 8:15 to 2:00, as usual—but today some of that production involved throwing a watermelon-and-popsicle social for the families. It went of great, the kids all had fun, and I loved seeing parents getting to know each other better. Everyone was so relaxed none of the parents objected when some of the kids started setting up an organized cage-fighting tournament under the climbing structure.

When we got home, Leah took Harvey out to do some swimming; after playing inside for a bit the other two boys and I spent about an hour spraying each other with the hose (and watering the plants a little bit too). Then some time on the hammock in the shade. Summer has its advantages.

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