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730, biotch!!!

So i took this little test yesterday that you may have heard about, called the GMAT or THE BIGGEST MOST IMPORTANT TEST OF MY WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE!!! Before i left for the test in the morning Dan and i were both so nervous that we were both drumming on every randomn thing in the house: dan in the living room smacking the couch and table, me in the kitchen slapping my note-cards down as i went through all 300 of them in the last hour before i had to leave. To think this moment is the culmination of two months and a thousand dollars of test prep... Lance Armstrong doesn't know the pressure.

Anyway i took the computerized test, which gives you the benefit of knowing your score at the end of your testing session. My final total score (verbal plus math) was a 730 (out of 800), which puts me 90 points over the average GMAT score for acceptance into my coveted Business school program, and over 200 points higher than where i started on my first practice test.

Then we went out to eat, as dan pointed out, and while the food and drink was sooooooo good in true celebratory fashion, i found myself in true collegate fashion poised over the toiled bowl at two in the morning with my stomach screaming: "You like that, Grad-school girl?!? If you ever eat like that again EVER we are going to up and leave you, bitch."

Learning from past mistakes, in the future i will celebrate while going easy on the sangria and massive amounts of fries. food = gross = neveragain.

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