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October swimming

Last year September was so warm that we were able to enjoy the pond all the way to the end of the month. Not so this year, and not only did the early chill mean I was disappointed in my hopes of getting Harvey really swimming before the end of the year—it also felt like our beach days were cut off suddenly and unexpectedly. So I was glad when it got suddenly warmer for a few days in early October!

Harvey in the pond, Zion on the beach

water in October

Circumstances kept us away from a pond visit on Thursday, but this past Friday was even hotter so after lunch the boys and I packed up and headed over there to meet friends. While the air was hot and summery, the water was not—but it wasn't chilly enough to keep out the brave Archibalds! (Harvey and Lijah being the bravest when it comes to cold water, though I was the only one to put my head under.)

Lijah sitting in shallow water with a bucket

just like summer

You see Lijah in the water there, unlike our last beach outing when he confined himself to the bucket. He didn't just sit, either: he chased me all around, going chest deep without any hesitation. The difference is that it wasn't the ocean. He won't even have me call it the beach: "not the beach, Dada, this the pond". He doesn't trust the ocean.

But for the rest of us a pond beach is still a beach. And the best thing about an October beach trip—besides the lack of crowds—is that by this point in the season the boys know just what to do, and what they needed to bring. And with their backpacks they can manage it all themselves.

the boys sitting on a stone wall holding all their gear

experienced beach-goers

Or maybe it's just that they're growing up? Just think of all the great beach outings we'll be able to do next summer! Though given that we had a freeze last night, I think we're probably all done for this year.

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