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winter is here

Snow on the yard and chicken coop at dawn

first light on first snow

It snowed Sunday night. After we put the boys to bed Leah asked me about the forecast for the day to come; checking the forecast I saw that the "current conditions" said snow. And so it was! (I did check). Not the most romantic way to notice the first snow of the season, but we'll take it. I was sad the boys couldn't see it falling—but on the other hand the surprise only intensified their joy in the morning.

Zion going down the steps into the lightly-snowed yard, the chickens in front of him

boy and chickens experiencing winter

Zion and Lijah made some time to play in it before breakfast. Harvey, being older and more heavily burdened with responsibilities, had to make due with bringing a snowball in along with the eggs as he did his chores. (Don't worry, they all got to have fun in it when we went out to the bus stop—we still do that).

When the sun got going at 11:00 or so the snow melted right away, but not before marking our morning with delight. On the other hand, it was pretty cold in the house all day, which we might have to do something about... but that's a topic for another blog post.


And my camera is back in action, hooray! Just in time...

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