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Concord River, early December

Despite the snow on the ground the air was mild and almost springlike Tuesday, when we took a trip to the Concord River at the Old North Bridge.

the boys walking down the snowy bank to the Concord River

still wet

The boys were disappointed not to see more ice, but they did manage to find a little bit over on the marshy side of the river. It wouldn't bear their weight, but that made it all the more fun to stomp on and fall through, dropping a couple inches (exact number delightfully variable) with each step. They were wearing their rain boots; Lijah and I weren't, so we stayed far away.

Harvey and Zion across the meadow by the river

it's exciting over there

Then of course there was the bridge to explore. We played Minutemen and Redcoats (Lijah and I were the Redcoats, and we lost), and the boys made it snow by kicking almost all the snow down off the bridge deck. And not one of them fell in!

them up on the North Bridge kicking snow down

look out below

Despite the beautiful weather we had the place to ourselves almost the entire time. Just the way we like it.

Harvey and Zion standing on a dock looking at the bridge


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