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6am friends are the best kind

Interesting events on my run this morning:

While walking along the road to get to the bike path a big truck pulling a cargo bed slowed down next to me and the driver yelled out his window:
"Hey! Were you at the club last night"
"The Boston Sports Club?"
"Yeah! Remember, i talked to you about the song!"
"Oh yeah. Well, nice to see you again."
"Top of the morning to you!" And he drove away.
Great, now i'm that infamous girl in the weight room that dances to the songs so fanatically that i get stopped on the street by people... who are driving IN THEIR CARS.

About a half mile into my run i heard footsteps behind me as some tall man caught me up and started to pass. When he said "Good morning" i replied in my most sarcastic voice, "Oh sure, just go ahead and pass me!"
"Speed up and you can run with me!" he said, which is when i realized he was homosexual and therefore nice and trustworthy.
"Okay. Mostly i just trot along by myself and work on wedding-planning."
"Oh no, when's the funeral?"
"September 4th."
"Holy shit, that's soon!"
"I know! Why do you think i'm out here running at 6:30 in the morning?"

Suffice it to say that we had a nice run and a nice conversation, even though i almost died at the end from doing my five miles a good clip faster than i normally do. He was just visiting the area, so he told me he'd take me on a run through Central Park if i ever come to New York. YEAH RIGHT, like i'm ever going back there again.

At least i'm making friends!

This morning the scale said 118, and then 118, and then 118.5 and after that it wouldn't move from 118.5 Apparently my jubilation at losing a pound weighs half a pound itself. I need a scale with more significant figures.... So that i can ponder MY Significant Figure. (OMG! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I slay me!)

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