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moments from the week

Harvey flying a kite on the beach

taking flight

Moments and images from the past very busy week.

Zion and Nathan posing on a bench in the woods

hiking buddies in repose

Lijah gingerly feeding a goat some celery

not too sure about the goat's table manners

Lijah smiling in a little red chair

at a friend's pool

Harvey, Zion, Lijah, and Julen posing with red white and blue Italian ice

bought with the slush fund

Lijah and puppy Tovi on the beach

little boy and little dog

Harvey standing atop a dune bluff over the foggy atlantic

a great beach day

Grandma and Grandpa walking with boys and dogs on the beach

grandkids and dogs

the boys on the stone quay in Welfleet Harbor

down by the harbor

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