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moments from the week

Harvey and Zion swimming under the Old North Bridge

Concord River swimming

Moments and images from the past week.

Lijah smiling with lamb hat and sword

battle lamb in a cute moment

kids by the banks of the wide Concord River

day camp outing destination

Zion with a perler bead heart sticking to his chest

his heart

Harvey closing his eyes, a big bug on his nose

it landed on him; he was patient while I took the photo

Harvey and Zion playing a board game on the rug, Lijah watching

his lamb hat is appropriate for the farming-themed game

Lijah sleeping on the couch

5:30 am nap

Harvey sharing a book with an instant friend at an outdoor concert

friends in five minutes; didn't exchange names

the three boys wading in the river

refreshing river water

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