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moments from the week

rising first graders running along a dike

new first graders' independence

Moments and images from the past week.

the Sun Ra Arkestra at the Lowell Folk Festival

Arkestra at the Folk Festival

Lijah in the wading pool with long pants

Lijah's summer outfit makes sense to him...

Zion making a muscle pose wearing my hiking boots

big shoes to fill

friends eating a picnic supper in our yard

elegant dinner picnic

a small apple with a bit out of it

our first macintosh

Leah and Lijah taking a selfie on a roadside bench

selfie buddies

Harvey and Zion wading in the newly exavated pond in town

exploring Bedford's newest pond


These are beautiful! I really look forward to these posts :)

Thanks! I feel the same way about yours every month!

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