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water week

flooded riverside woods

water water everywhere

Monday's rain may have cancelled the Patriots Day festivities, but it didn't stop us from having fun. As it rained and rained we played with friends inside where it was warm and dry. Then mid afternoon Harvey finally had enough sitting around, and went out to run around. He found a pretty deep puddle.

Harvey standing knee-deep in a puddle in the pouring rain


Of course, then all the other kids had to join him—and I did too. But unlike Harvey, who went barefoot, everyone else made the mistake of wearing boots. It took them three days to dry. It was pretty fun, though.

All the rain lately has swollen the local waterways impressively. On Tuesday we took a short excursion to the boat launch on the Concord River to play in the water. It was sunny when we left; it had turned cloudy and quite chilly by the time we got there, five minutes later, so we stayed dry this time. But it was still delightful to see how high the river was among the trees. The land is so low on the approach to the boat launch you really could imagine the whole world being flooded.

Zion standing in water right outside the van door

is our car floating?!

Seeing all that water, we decided we had to buy a canoe. So now we've done that. We're waiting on paddles and life jackets, then we're going to launch our life afloat!

Harvey wading in the pond

another day, different water

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