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our day

Sometimes—often?—I let myself indulge my literary pretensions and imagine that anyone cares about what i write here. Which is too bad, because it stops me from writing all the boring day-to-day stuff that would actually be interesting tom me, the blog's actual audience, when I look back on it in a year or two. Not everything has to be groundbreaking or of wide general appeal. So, here's a short account of what we did today. In the morning the boys and I walked Rascal. Lijah was running and he fell, then spent the rest of the walk whining that he wanted to turn back... continuing when we were well past the half-way point in our loop. Eventually I asked Harvey to take the dog and offered to take Lijah back; he almost went for it, but in the practicality won out over his fighting pride and he just ran the short way home with his brothers.

Later in the morning Leah and tackled the bittersweet vines that are doing their best to take over our back porch. We cut most of them down, but they're all rooted under the ouch, and we didn't dare to venture in there to try and pull them out. So they'll be back before long. It look such better now, though, and now when we eat outside we won,t feel like we're about to be devoured by carnivorous plants.

Harvey and I had grilled cheese for lunch. The little boys were having so much fun at Nicholas's house that they didn't come home to eat.

After lunch we ran a neighborhood Pokemon tournament. Even after a round one loss to Lijah—necessary to preserve the peace—I ended up coming in first, but I ceded the grand prize deck box to the second place player, Harvey. There were also candy prizes for all contestants. It was cozy having six people playing cards at our kitchen table as the rain started to fall. Cozy and loud.

Harvey and Zion went over to Jack's house late afternoon, and wrangled a dinner invitation. Leah took Lijah to Whole Foods where he inevitably got chicken. I enjoyed a quiet solo supper of tomato sandwich—my absolute favorite this time of year. But I made sure everyone was home for dessert: brownie sundaes with home made fudge. Good stuff.

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