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Why so slow on the wedding pix, losers?

We would love to write for you, our dedicated readership, a detailed account of our beautiful wedding day, the most wonderful day of our lives, a day so perfect that everyone involved might as well kill themselves now in despair that we will never again see a day as beautiful and perfect as this day.

Anyway, our desire is to make a nice long blog post with nice pictures from the wedding, and then write funny things next to the pictures like "doesn't he look like he's about to fall asleep during the ceremony" etc. But unfortunately, our stupid photographer has stupid copy-protected all the stupid pictures, so that the thumbnails we can see on our stupidconfidential web site can't even be copied in their stupid teeny tiny nature for viewing on other web sites, even though our photographer doesn't design stupid websites so there's no way we're stealing from him we can't print 8 by 10s from that size for pete's sake we only want to show the web our stupid pictures!!!

So if you have a desire to see our wedding pictures in their entirety, because we're being so slow about it, i invite you to clog our photographer's website by going to the following link:
click on our names
type the password: 050904

And if any of you are smart enough to hack the copy-protection on these photos, the internet will thank you for it.

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