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catch-up moments

kids rushing into the yard to begin the egg hunt

egg hunt!

We've been busy the last couple weeks! Here's some images of what's been going on.

Lijah in snow coat alongside the wild waters of the Merrimack River

the rapids of the Merrimack

kids flying kites on a playing field

kites at co-op

redcoat reenactors in action

regular reenactors

Lijah sleeping on the couch

out of steam after a busy day

the kids sitting on the curb eating treats waiting for the parade

pre-parade sugar intake

Zion lying on the pointy end of the hammock

summery perch

Lijah playing in the spray from a hole in the hose


Lijah lying draped over the branch of a tree, roaring

in leopard mode

Harvey wading out into the pond beyond the canoe

into the COLD water

the boys in their Easter suits

new suits for 2019

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