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strawberry trip

We went strawberry picking today. In the past the outing has sometimes felt pretty stressful: it could be our only chance to get all the berries we need for a whole year worth of jam! But this time a couple things dialed down my intensity. For one, right now Harvey and I are the only ones who actually eat strawberry jam in our house, so we actually still have a couple jars left over from last year. And then we were also going with friends, so when we arrived at the farm I had to chill and wait for them rather than hurrying out into the fields in panic that all the berries were going to be gone. Oh, and also! I have three pretty grown up pickers now!

the boys picking strawberries

look at them all working!

The weather was also stress reducing: it was super humid, but while we were picking the cloud cover held and it wasn't too hot (we finished just in time; it sure got hot in the afternoon!). And despite the hordes of people in the field with us there were plenty of berries. We came home with 11 quarts, and there were lots more for the wagon-loads of people coming in after us as we rolled back towards the barn.

the kids on the hayride back from the strawberry fields

exit, with strawberries

Up next, actually making the jam. When will I possibly have time?! That's stressful too!

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