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sooooo sick, wah wah wah

This morning i woke up cursing a world in which one could be this sick and still be obligated to return to work. I think i even said to Dan, "The world is a mean place and i don't wanna live here anymore." I HAVE THE FLU AND I HAVE LOST THE WILL TO LIVE!!!

Dan made cornbread this morning at 6am. He doesn't deserve this shit.

I do indeed fear that Dan will soon leave me for anouther wife, who does not get the flu, or if she does, does not complain about her stuffy head like it surely signifies the coming of the appocolypse. I often get sick like this, just when i am sooooooooo overwhelmed at work i have dreams that the computer files are eating me. Then, when i think work could not possibly get any more stressfull, my nose becomes a snot volcano. I AM DROWNING UNDER A VOLCANO OF SNOT AND PAPERWORK!!!!!!!!!

Can you actually drown under a volcano? i didn't think so. Great, now i'm not only sick, but retarded.

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