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a very merry Christmas

Our goal for Christmas this year was to make our celebrations joyful and relaxing, and I think we managed it. Of course, for our family relaxing includes getting up well before the sun—but that's how we like it.

Zion and Lijah building legos by the light of the Christmas tree

Christmas day in the morning

The festivities kicked off with Christmas Eve dinner at my parents' house. Because they accidentally bought a smaller tree than they usually get we could even eat in the dining room! Then we headed to church for dessert and ornament-making—oh, and a Christmas Eve service too.

Leah and Lijah with candles at the Christmas Eve service


I don't know that my planning and preparations were any better than in years past, but I did have fewer presents all around, which meant I didn't have to stay up late wrapping like I often need to. Instead I spent the time cleaning the kitchen, which Leah appreciates just as much. As well as not buying as much this year, we also eased off on the homemade gifts, but there were a couple. I managed some mustard.

a jar of mustard

isn't it beautiful?

Harvey and I also did some woodworking: I made a picture frame for Leah and Harvey created a Pokemon jigsaw puzzle for Zion.

a wooden puzzle of pokemon images

Zion and Lijah made tiny clay bowls for Mama and Grandma, respectively, which are as beautiful and charming as they are impractical. Of course, the most important making of all was the traditional breakfast spread of eggs, bagels, salmon, and donuts laid out by Grandma and Grandpa. Oh, there was fruit too.

bagels, donuts, and fruit on Grandma's table

our favorite part of the holiday

After breakfast we opened presents, which was quicker than usual because Grandma was also feeling relaxed about the gift-giving. So there was plenty of time to get started on building all those Lego sets! Building a deck with the new Pokemon cards will come later.

Harvey building with Legos


I hope everyone else's day was as pleasant... Merry Christmas!

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