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snow day

We didn't get much snow this year. We only managed to go sledding two or three times, and one of those times there was literally no snow on the ground anywhere except the north-facing slope of the sledding hill. It was pretty disappointing. So naturally, on Monday—less than a week into spring—we had our biggest snow since mid-February. It wasn't a blizzard, sure, but it was certainly enough to notice.

snow falling as seen out the back door


Naturally, we took what advantage of it we could. As the snow started to stick we all went for a walk in the woods; only those members of the family who determined in advance to be grumpy even minded getting snowflakes in their eyes. Then on Tuesday morning the neighborhood kids all changed their homeschooling schedules to make sure of playing in the snow before it all melted away in the bright sunshine. There wasn't enough for a snowman, but there were definitely snowballs thrown. And I'll tell you, the snow gear doesn't get any less wet in one inch of snow than it does in 20—it certainly looked like a snow day inside the house!

the boys and Jack having a snowball fight in the front yard

I think they picked up all the snow there was

Our social distancing regime seems kind of like a blizzard-level snow day that's lasted for almost two weeks, with no end in sight. So it was nice to get some actual snow into the deal!

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