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our marshmallow habit

I've mentioned before how strange it is to me—someone who grew up almost without toasting a single marshmallow—how often we make smores around here. Though I guess it makes sense. We like having fires, and what good is a fire without a marshmallow to toast, and what good is a toasted marshmallow without chocolate and graham cracker? All the practice means we're getting pretty good at it.

Zion about to take a bite out of a perfectly made smore

what a smore should look like

This spring we've made smores when it's beautiful and sunny, and we've also made them when it's wintery cold (and various weathers in between). Sometimes we need coats.

Havrvey and Zion toasting marshmallows in winter coats (and bare feet)

but still with bare feet

Last fall I built a new fireplace (the old one is still there, but the new one is bigger and—more importantly—closer to the kitchen). It doesn't look like much, but it gets the job done.

our firepit made of masonry blocks


And of course, it doesn't matter what the fireplace looks like, because when the fire is going that's all anyone could have eyes for.

a fire

you can feel the warmth through the screen

Our pandemic stocks include lots of marshmallows and chocolate. You can be there'll be lots more sticky faces this spring.

Zion and Lijah with marshmallow and chocolate (respectively) on their faces

smore faces

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