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dog day

Rascal died almost a year and a half ago. Since then many members of our household have wanted a new dog with varying degrees of intensity, but in the last month Leah got on board with the idea, which means that it moved forward as quickly as possible. Except we couldn't manage to get one dog, so yesterday we got two.

Blue and Scout biting on one stick

introducing Blue and Scout

We wanted a mixed-breed puppy, but so did lots of other people: each one that became available for adoption got hundreds of interested applicants. And we didn't have what it took to bring any of them home. So when she saw a pair of litter-mates that wanted to be adopted together, Leah thought that maybe we'd be the only ones crazy enough for that... and so it was.

the puppies sitting by Leah

learning "sit"

They're very cute, and a little older and significantly more active than Rascal was when we got him. We're hard at work training them; we have high hopes. First tasks are to get them used to the chickens, and to teach them to sleep somewhere other than on our heads (as cozy as it is cuddling with puppies, I would have appreciated a little more sleep last night). Also maybe to keep off the couch. But not right away.

everybody on the couch with the sleepy puppies


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