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der, lightswitch?

I used to think love was like a Yes or No, On or Off thing. Like either Yes, i absolutely love you, or No, i'm really only kinda hot for you, but no biggy. I also thought that when you were in love it would always be sort-of the same feeling, like now i love you and it's nice, not it's 10 years later and it continues to be nice, no biggy.

However, these days i am surprised by how exponentially my love continues to grow for my husband. Of course i loved him before, more than the entire universe, even. But even just this morning i was giving him a hug before i left for work, and i was thinking, "If you let go of this hug i think my heart just might rip out of my chest and be stuck to your sweater, i love you that much."

I love him so much that i miss him when i go to work, even though it's only 10 minutes away and he often brings me lunch. I love him so much that i miss him when i'm in the bedroom and he's typing in the next room over. I miss him when he's brushing his teeth because we don't have two sinks. We should look into two sinks. Then i wouldn't miss him so often.

Actually, i'm kind of nervous that i may explode from all this love. I didn't know being married would ever be this intense!

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