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corn is amazing

I love having corn in the garden. Never mind that I've just about never eaten any that I've grown; I just think it's so lovely to have the corn plants for their beauty and for all that they represent about growing food. It's been a couple years since I found room for any though, and I hadn't really planned for corn for this year either. But that doesn't matter, because we still had a jar full of flint corn seeds from, oh, three-four years ago that we never made into corn meal. I planted 1/100th of them just a few days ago, and look what they're doing now!

corn sprouts a day after they emerged

new old sprouts

Once they get going a little bit I'll plant black beans around them, and the winter squash will get in there too a little bit later. If all goes well, that is; last year lots of the squash seeds didn't germinate, and all the plants that did emerge got eaten. Some things are hard... not corn though. Corn is amazing.

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