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salad days

You may have noticed in our garden video that we're growing a whole lot of lettuce. That's because of a misunderstanding: Leah was going to a garden store and asked if I wanted anything, and I asked for a thing of lettuce. I meant "thing" to refer to a six-pack; she brought home an entire flat of romaine starts. It was fine. We found room for lots of them, gave some more away, and let one six-pack die as a symbolic sacrifice to the spirits of garden store gardening. 19 of the 20 we put in thrived and grew large and beautiful.

Only the trouble with planting 20 lettuces at the same time is they all are ready to eat at the same time. Over the past couple weeks we've been picking young leaves for sandwiches and the occasional salad, but now we're fully into lettuce season and I'm cutting one whole romaine head a day. Luckily we've got some other salad greens going too—baby kale and arugula, plus some self-seeded leafy things—to add some variety. We get some different dressings going too. Zion likes vinegar, Harvey prefers a ranch type of thing. Sadly, Elijah won't eat salad. And worse, Leah, though she makes beautiful salads for herself every day, doesn't care for romaine. So the other three of us are working hard.

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