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hose tragedy is comedy

I don't like hoses. They always get tangled. They're expensive, and they don't last as long as I think they should, and when they break down they're hard to repurpose or throw away. So I was dismayed the other day when I knocked over a short length of two-by-ten with a couple of nails in it, and one of the nails punched right through the long hose that I use to water all over the yard and garden. Or probably did, I wasn't sure. Maybe it missed, right? I was watering at the time and didn't notice any loss of pressure. So I put down the sprayer end of the hose, and pulled up the board. As soon as the nail—which of course had gone through the hose—came out a powerful jet of water came streaming out directly into my face. Just like in a cartoon! I had to laugh, and then I had to go inside and change my clothes. At least it was a hot day.

Because it's been so hot and dry, though, I knew I couldn't be hose-less for long. At the hardware store I looked at new hoses (nope) and "hose repair kits" (couldn't see how they were supposed to go), before settling on a couple of hose clamps for $1.20 each. Along with some duct tape—green, to match the hose!—they did the trick perfectly, and we're back to watering again. My only fear now is that a sharp edge of a one of the clamps will make another hole, somewhere else in the hose. Well, if it does I know how to fix it—and to not look too closely!

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