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the beginning of the end?

This pandemic has got me down. Sure, we can find positives about all the time we've been able to spend together, free of so many of our usual commitments—this morning Lijah asked as all, "what's your best and worst thing about coronavirus?"—but I seem to be running out of energy for appreciating them. Instead, I've been missing our friends and regretting all the missed adventures and beach days. And when I'm feeling so sad it's hard to write in the blog.

That said, things may be looking up a little bit. As of yesterday, Bedford only had one new case of the virus over the past week, the first time we can say that since mid-March. And I don't know if there were more cases today, because, as of Friday, the Bedford Citizen stopped daily reporting of the numbers. They've now planning to let us know the data twice a month in order to, they say, make room for news about camps and re-openings and other activities that are starting up around town. I hear that; we've got two in-person social engagements scheduled for the coming week, which is as much as we had in each of the last two months. Maybe life will be a little more lively in July? As long as we all steer clear of people from Texas or Florida, at least.

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