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Rascal is the "working title" name for our dog. Last night it was Rosco, but Rosco was really crying out to be Rascal, so now that's what he gets. It's only been two days so far, so he needs some time for his name to solidify. Other ideas were Murfey, suggested by Dan, which makes me think of oil soap, and Trumpet, suggested by leah, which Dan thinks is just plain stupid, which i admit it is. I dreamed we named the dog Trumpet, and i haven't been able to get over it yet. Then again, if i went ahead did everything i dreamed, i would come to work a lot in my pajamas. Mmm, working in pajamas. Come to think of it, i haven't gotten a lot of sleep these past two nights!

Last night we mistakedly put Rascal/Rosco in his crate with his collar still on, and his tag banged against the crate all night: jingle jingle JINGLE JINGLE! Despite the noise, he slept well. He had a pretty busy day on friday: playing with Dan and Aaron, then coming to the store, where he mostly slept, and then in the evening a play date with Lokie, my parent's Shetland Sheepdog.

Oh my goodness, did Rascal and Lokie have a fun time! Rascal patented his new favorite move of jumping onto the couch, and then jumping off directly onto Lokie's back. Very WWE, that little smarty.

My mother called in the afternoon and asked if she should bring over dinner. Is this like when you have a new baby and people think they should cook for you? Really, we're not THAT overwhelmed. But anyway, she did make a lovely dinner, and we all ate while the doggies played. In the evening Rascal used his new-found courage to explore more of our yard. This morning he was venturing all over the little neighborhood. His courage is increasing exponentially every time we take him out.

This morning Rascal met the neighborhood kids, and while nervous at first, he soon warmed up to the crowd! He even started playing with me a bit inside the house. He's starting to feel quite comfortable with us, and his favorite thing to do is sit on the futon and have someone pet him. And since now he has chew toys, there's nothing he lacks in the world.

We have been so proud of our little puppy's milestones. Yesterday he went down the porch stairs for the first time, and this morning he went up them!!! Also, yesterday he started to run along side me, and caught on enough to follow me when i turned around to run back! I was such a proud parent, i felt like i could burst. Yes, our puppy sure is the cutest and smartest. And i'm not just saying that cuz he's mine. Really.

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