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sparkles in the woods

Even though it's dark early we still have to walk the dogs after supper. Good thing Leah got us some fancy headlamps! I used one for the first time this evening, and besides being able to see the dogs' eyes glowing from hundreds of feet away I also noticed something for the first time. It was misting lightly, and naturally the ground was a dark carpet of wet pine needles and maple leaves. Then I rounded a corner and saw something shining in the light of my headlamp, much brighter than everything around it. As I got closer I thought it must have been crumpled tinfoil, it was so reflective... but then when I reached it I found that, no, it was actually an oak leaf, underside-up on the trail, dewed with drops of water on its waxy surface! Then looking ahead I noticed dozens of glowing oak leaves along the edges of the path, brighter than everything but the dogs' eyes. I had no idea they did that. Pretty cool to see something for the first time at the ripe old age of 43!

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