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Mama's surgery day

It's been a long day. Leah's surgery got moved to first thing this morning, so we set an alarm for 5:00 to be able to leave by 5:30. (we didn't really need to go quite so soon, but you know, with surgery as with air travel you don't want to be late!). Of course we didn't need the alarm: both of us were awake at 4:00 and couldn't go back to sleep. Leah did something useful and went for a walk with the dogs. I just watched Youtube videos. But then a little bit later I usefully drove her to the hospital, so that's something. My mom came by to watch the kids, but only Harvey was awake to see her at all before she left. So our morning didn't need to be very different from usual... but at the same time, it did.

Originally we were going to be doing our last school day of the calendar year, but that was cancelled when a one of the families came in contact with someone who tested positive for the virus. Just as well, since we weren't really full of working energy. So instead we just hung around at home and played on screens, interspersed with walks with the dogs and a bike ride (I also did some work, but that's not so different from playing on screens). The relaxed atmosphere and lack of routine was great, except that apparently the kids only have two modes. When they relax, they relax all the way; so no dishes at all got done. I was going to say no cleaning at all, but that's not fair: when he got back from the bike ride Harvey did some solid cleaning work on his own initiative. But the kitchen is kind of a wreck.

Still and all, I'm proud that between a lengthy work phone call, the Hanukah candle-lighting Zoom, and walking the dogs, I was able to make a real dinner: meatloaf, baked potatoes, and green beans. People are going to be bringing over food this weekend, so I just needed to establish that I could actually handle things myself if need be. I totally can! We'll even get the kitchen cleaned up tomorrow morning; we have to, or else there won't be room to make any more food! But first I need some sleep.

Leah's story is of course more interesting, but it'll have to wait a little while. I can say that the surgery went well, and that the doctors are pleased, but she's in a fair amount of pain now and on some pretty good meds. Since recent state Covid restrictions cancelled her planned two days of hospital vacation, she's recuperating at her parents' house. Good call, staying out of the chaos here. Most importantly, it ensures that no dogs will jump onto her stomach. We hope to see her home in a couple of days, which should give us enough time to get things back in order!

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